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Energy Guidance for Sustainable Building Practices and Procedures


Nexus Energy Solutions (NES) is a leading source for making green improvements, with expert energy guidance for sustainable building practices and procedures. NES has extensive experience in the evaluation of a facility’s energy usage, and can make detailed building energy and operational audits to help you answer some critical questions. When an audit is completed, you will know what your improvement choices are, what your bottom line costs will be, the return on investment (R.O.I.) of your project, and all financial, environmental and business impacts related to the upgrade.

NES also offers valuable financial expertise, and can determine whether making green improvements will enable a company to earn state and federal energy rebates and tax credits to offset their investment costs.

The financial incentives we advise our clients on include:

New Jersey “smart start” rebates

New Jersey clean energy incentives for renewable energy

Pennsylvania alternative & clean energy program

Pennsylvania solar energy incentive programs

Energy efficient commercial buildings deduction

Federal investment tax credit (grant)

Tax deductions for equipment depreciation based on current MACRS allowances

Reduced energy utility costs

Solar renewable energy certificates – SRECs

Reduced operational costs through improved efficiency

If you are interested in making green improvements to your facility, it makes sense to discuss options with one of the leaders in the field. NES makes it easy for you to get the technological and financial information you need to make sound decisions. Whether the upgrade includes switching out light fixtures to more energy efficient ones, the deployment of ‘smart-grid’ technology to manage energy usage cycles more effectively, or a complete solar panel installation to aid companies seeking to develop energy independence, Nexus Energy Solutions provides the up front energy guidance for sustainable building practices and procedures you need to make the right set of choices for your business. Contact us today.

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