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Let Nexus Energy Solutions Help You Build an Efficient and Sustainable Energy Profile

Nexus Energy Solutions is one of the leading providers of solar technology in the tri-state area, with a range of innovative tools that can help your facility build a more efficient and sustainable energy profile. Companies seeking to minimize energy expenditures with energy reduction improvements can take advantage of the benefits of state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems and other important energy solution services that save money now and in the future.


Solar technology gives businesses the equipment and the systems to generate and manage their own power on site. Nexus Energy Solutions is skilled at evaluating the energy requirements of a facility to see if there are cost effective ways to upgrade the existing power generation systems or augment them with PV panels. By reducing the energy load from the power grid, companies using solar energy optimize their facility’s consumption and reduce their energy costs. A professional installation of solar panels can provide companies the long term energy savings they need to create an efficient and sustainable energy profile.


Energy reduction improvements can include more than solar technology. In large facilities with ongoing energy requirements, a replacement of existing lighting fixtures can make a significant difference in a company’s overall energy footprint. Switching out-dated lighting fixtures with more energy efficient models can often result in more light with better quality, with a greatly reduced energy load. By replacing sodium or mercury vapor lamps with modern halogens, metal halides, or other appropriate fixtures, companies can achieve per-unit savings of 50%, with 50% energy reduction improvements. In some cases, new fixtures can provide more than 50% more light, transforming a dark space into a brighter and safer atmosphere.


If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your facility, let Nexus Energy Solutions help you build an efficient and sustainable energy profile. With professional energy solution services that minimize energy expenditures, you can reduce your footprint and move forward with a better long term energy solution.


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