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Nexus Energy Solutions Saves Companies Money on Energy Use Now and for the Long Term

Nexus Energy Solutions is one of the premier sources of expertise for companies who are looking for innovative ways to improve their bottom line for energy usage. From capital equipment replacement programs, lighting retrofits, solar installations, BAS and smart grid technology implementation, and more, Nexus Energy Solutions is a solar installation services company dedicated to providing the most advanced level of service currently available.

Capital Equipment Replacement
Innovative “green” capital equipment plans factor in the annual energy savings for replacing energy-inefficient equipment. While companies typically plan for replacing capital equipment based on the equipment’s observed condition and expected life, more businesses are now adopting “green” capital equipment plans, which take energy cost savings, tax credits and other reimbursements into account, providing real benefits for replacing current equipment with more energy-efficient equipment. NES will review your facility, its equipment, and energy usage to determine if a capital equipment replacement improves your return on investment (R.O.I.).

Lighting Retrofits
A simple lighting retrofit can result in significant reductions to a facility’s energy use and utility costs, and many clients are surprised by just how significant it can be. While Nexus Energy Solutions is a solar installation services company, their expertise in energy efficient lighting fixtures and associated advanced technologies can also help companies upgrade their lighting, producing an equal or superior lighting level with less energy consumption, with greater employee control and less frequent maintenance.

Solar Installations
For many commercial business owners, solar power is increasingly attractive as an energy source. Benefits like power purchase agreements and tax incentives make investments in renewable energy measures more feasible and have a greater impact on the R.O.I. each year the system is in place.

BAS and Smart Grid Technology Implementation
Nexus Energy Solutions can also help companies implement innovative building automation systems (BAS) and smart grid technology into their facilities. BAS and smart grid technology implementation allows companies to use energy more intelligently, with savings averaging up to 30% or more. Building automation systems allow companies to realize immediate savings, and provide energy efficient management for long term savings far into the future.

Whatever the size and scope of your energy needs, Nexus Energy Solutions is a solar installation services company with the tools to make your facility run more efficiently and cost effectively. Contact NES to see if capital equipment replacements, lighting retrofits, solar installations, BAS and smart grid technology implementation make sense for your business.


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